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1. Horticultural Consultancy Services

5. Orchard Development

2. Micro-Drip Irrigation Projects

6. Vermicompost

3. Landscaping & Landscape Support Services

7. Organic Farming

4. Commercial floriculture and green house development

8. Tree Transplanting

9. Development and maintenance of “Podium Gardens” in high rise buildings in metro  

10. Meadow Orchard Technique in Guava (high density plantation) for High quality yield.

11. Designing & Development of green houses for fruit & vegetable cultivation through PPF technology.

Complete Package of Practices for growing Indigenous as well as Exotic Vegetables.

We not only provide the complete package of practices for growing indigenous as well as exotic vegetables but also provide our technical support in the form of horticultural consultancy through out the growing period and also help to provide access for its commercial exploitation.

We help you produce safe fruits and vegetables because we want to protect people’s health. We don’t use too many pesticides while growing different fruits and vegetables as it’s not good for the health of the people who eat these products grown and produced by availing our consultancy services.

Plants look very healthy and fresh when you use Pesticides and fertilizers but if people eat it they have a problem. Hence, during most of the growing period, we use organic pesticides and fertilizers to keep you healthy.

We help you produce high quality vegetables by adopting integrated pest management principles, applying compost or vermicompost, neem based herbal pesticides, using crop rotations and creating low cost shade houses for favorable growing environment.

Safe vegetables are sometimes confused as organic vegetables in today’s world. But the regulations for safe vegetables are not as stringent as organic regulations. the regulations on safe production allow for the application of certain chemical fertilizers and certain classes of pesticides, although the most toxic classes of chemicals are banned. However, we do help you produce 100% organic fruits and vegetables if you feel so.

Meadow Orchard Technique in Guava (high density plantation) for High quality yield.
Conventional method of planting guava yields approximately 10-15 tons per hectare however through Meadow orchard technique it yields around 50-60 tons per hectare. Plants starts bearing after two to three years through traditional growing system however, it starts yielding after one year through meadow orchard technique. Meadow orchard is most economical system where you need less labor, minimum gestation period, easy to manage as the canopy of the tree is maintained at a very low level. Meadow orchard system can accommodate more plants per hectare compared to traditional system and thus it yields higher compared to traditional system.
Orchard Developed for Neelkanth group at Khalapur, Near Mumbai.

Dragon Fruit Cultivation in India.
Dragon Fruit – The ‘Wonder Fruit’ of the 21St century is set to ring in a revolution in the Indian Horticulture scenario. It is a boon to the farmers and consumers. Originally from the Central Americas It is successfully grown commercially in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Now Knocking at our door in India.